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Katalog proizvoda

Paradox grafička tastatura DNE-KO7LS1

Proizvođač: Paradox

Šifra: 003561

29.250,00 din/kom (sa PDV-om)

16.087,50 din/kom (sa PDV-om)

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Paradox DNE-K07/K07 grafička LCD tastatura

• Shows up to 32 zones Floor Plan
• Integrated internal temperature sensor that allows Grafica to display the temperature in the room where fitted
• 1 zone / temperature input. This input can be used to connect an external sensor or temperature sensor DNE-TEMP
• Simple menus with icons and text instructions and step by step guide
• alarm clock and special reminders
• By 15 ringtones ringtones for the neck, waiting period for entry / exit and more.
• Supports up to 8 languages embedded in three groups of user-selectable:
• Group 1: English, Spanish, Czech, French, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese and Slovak
• Group 2: English, Bulgarian, Czech, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Swedish and Greek
• Group 3: English and Danish
• Intelligent search functions
• Programming the user by copying and pasting (copy and paste)
• Appointment to one or more parts of the system
• Independent set zones ringing
• 3 panic alarms activated at the touch of a key
• Set brightness, contrast and volume
• Upload / download labels with key programming or module data (Module Broadcasting feature)
• Available in two colors (silver or champagne)
• Dimensions (lid closed) 11.5 cm x 17 cm x 3 cm
• 6.5 cm x 6.5 cm image LCD screen with 128 x 128 resolution